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Do you remember the first YouTube video you ever watched? I have a hard time thinking back that long, but mine was probably some Eve 6 music video. Feel free to pass judgement.

I recently heard a baffling statistic. If you were to watch all of the videos on you tube, back to back, no break, it would take you two centuries!

That is a tough number to wrap my head around. That’s 10,512,000 minutes of user-contributed content.

What is so fascinating about YouTube, and Web 2.0 for that matter, is the fact that we are each contributing to a giant history book. Years from now, historians will look to these social media outlets just as we look at cave drawings today.

A recent study reveals that 24 hours of video is uploaded every minute to YouTube.

While many videos are ways to pass time, or get in a quick laugh (see: sitting on the toilet), I look at the big picture. YouTube, along with many other user-controlled content sites, will become our window back in time. When we upload a video of that Sugar Ray concert we were at, or the aftermath of the Hawaiian tsunami, we are creating more and more primary sources that will fill the encyclopedia of human history.

I, for one, think that this is one of the greatest achievements of human kind. A collaborative effort by each human to write the pages of history has never happened before. And with the advances of technology, most importantly the affordability of technology and the ever increasing span of internet access, each person will have a vital part in defining that moment in history.

Voutaire wrote “History consists of a series of accumulated imaginative inventions”. I couldn’t agree more.