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A few people who read my blog asked me to write a piece on the “Dead Bird” phenomenon. I was hesitant at first because I really don’t know where I stand on the issue. While I am a rational thinker, and do believe there is a scientific explanation for the dead birds and fish (and now, dead crabs in the UK) that died en masse, there is still that tiny conspiracy mindset. Doing some preliminary research on the matter, I found a few theories running around the internet.

The scientific community and government affairs departments all hold steadfast that one of three things is to blame. One – the birds were spooked by New Years fireworks and, being unable to navigate in the night sky, subsequently ran into building thus causing their death. Two – the harsh winter left the birds and fish susceptible to disease and famine and thus killed them. At the same time. Three – a rouge thunderstorm sucked up the birds into the upper atmosphere–killing them–and then spit their bodies out.

I’m more apt to believe story one. I don’t for a minute believe story two. Story three may have some merit. I did some preliminary research and their was some atmospheric action the evening of Dec. 31st, but I am nowhere near qualified to make a judgment on what it was and what the effect on the bird population would have been.

My friends in the conspiracy blogosphere are going insane right now. I won’t even indulge you on the theories they have come up with. They are, for lack of a better word, retarded.

I’m not going to reiterate what thousands of other web blogs and articles have already told you on the subject. Nor am I going to indulge you with conspiracy fantasy. So what is this blog post about then?

My original intention of this blog was to analyze social trends. I may have slacked with a few of my blog posts in the past, but I am returning to my internet vision. I’m going to break down the (mass?) hysteria I am beginning to see. Using one of my favorite tools, Google Trends, I chronicled the terms associated with this event that were increasing, at an alarming rate, in frequency.


Who is Antoine Dodson you say? Only the greatest man of 2010. If you have not seen him, I assume you don’t use the internet, television, or read any form of print media.

These are the reasons why I love Antoine Dodson.

1. He is a hero. Antoine saved his sister from a near raping. I assume the perpetrator saw his wild afro and red bandana and sh*t his pants.

2. He is a recording artist. Not by any talent on his part, but he still sold a sh*t ton of singles on iTunes. Well, he didn’t, but The Gregory Brothers did. With their auto-tune skills, they created the top downloaded independent internet music video. It has gone so far as making it into my karaoke DJ’s playlist. And it’s catchy as hell. (more…)

Are you a Biebliever?

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Music, Pop Culture
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I live by three rules: Don’t attempt anything until you’ve had your morning coffee, Johnny Walker should be served with ice and nothing else, and love anything that Ludacris does.

That last rule paid off big time when Crash came out. Great flick, Luda was awesome. Ever album that man has dropped has been a hit. His music videos are hysterical. I just love the guy.

So when he collaborated with Justin Bieber, I had to adhere to my rule.

In “Baby”, Luda offers his rhymes to the teeny-bop track. Read that again. One more time, if necessary.

When the track first dropped, I was baffled Luda was involved. I did my research. (Read: Log on to Wikipedia)

Bieber came from humble beginnings. He was discovered on YouTube by his now manager Scooter Braun. Braun runs Raymond Braun Media Group out of Atlanta with his partner Usher. The three met, Usher had a boy-crush, and the rest is history.

With Bieber’s new connections in the biz, he got amazing support from top producers and collaborators. I, as a musician, would literally kill a man for these connections.

Bieber blew up, stealing the hearts (and loins) of pre-teen, teen, twenty-something, and some middle aged females. His debut release had seven billboards hits and went platinum. His studio release was met with the same success.

I gave Biebs a chance. Not by choice, though. At my job, our ambience music provider pumped in what I dubbed “The Bieber Hour”.

In only two years, Bieber top the charts multiple times, has collaborated with top hip-hop and R&B producers and musicians, incited pre-teen girl riots, and appeared on CSI. Can Bieber get any bigger?


Unfortunately our pop culture has a short attention span. It sucks for the talent in the game, but that’s just the way it is.

Who was the last male pop singer to release more than three albums that people actually listened to? Timberlake?

My prediction: Bieber plateaus, dates Ke$ha, develops a meth addiction, celebrity rehab.

Only time will tell.