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My blog, which started as a venue for my overactive mind, has increased–surprisingly–in readership in only the past week. Bloggers are linking to me, I’ve been found on stumble upon, and search engines have been listing me higher and higher each day. For that, I thank my readers.

But good news aside, I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest thoughts to Rep. Giffords, her family, and all those involved in the violent outburst which occurred yesterday afternoon. I am deeply saddened by the fact that an individual chose violence to express his opinion. May he face the strictest of punishments from both the American Judicial System and God.

Giffords said that Democracy is a “beacon of light”, able to make changes through the ballot-box and not violence. It is this reason I love the American system. I’m not worried about being hurt for my beliefs, and am never concerned I will be shot at the polls.

The US House of Representatives, in my opinion, is the face of government. While I have not met any of my State Senators, I have met with my Representative at various public meetings. I have even had lunch with former Rep. Kosmas. They are open and available, but with that, are vulnerable.

I hope that Representatives do not fear. I hope they continue to meet with their constituents. I also hope that Congress takes it in their hands to provide more adequate protection for their Representatives and the people around them. It has always been in the back of my mind how lax security was at these meetings between Representatives and the public.

I hope Congress will address this issue. I hope Representatives do not fear. I hope constituents continue to meet with their Representatives. I hope the American Political System remains without violence.


In an ingenious ploy by Barak supporters, the group Primaries for Palin are urging Democratic voters to vote for Sarah PalinĀ in Republican primaries in hopes to give Obama an easy win in the 2012 election. According to their polls, Obama stands a better chance at winning and election against Palin that any other Republican candidates.

Most state’s election laws are set up to prevent something like this. Many states, including my home state of Florida, have what is called a closed primary, meaning only that party’s register voters may vote in the primary. However, Primaries for Palin lists each state’s election law, and how to change your party affiliation in order to participate in the primary.

A few issues here.

Firstly, it is way too early to be looking at Presidential election polls. Hell, we’re still on the ass end of 2010. And also, to my knowledge, no one has committed to run yet! Not even Palin, although it is speculated she will announce around the same time her DVD drops. Fitting time, huh?

Secondly, I feel this is completely unethical. Call me simple, but my understanding of an election is for the voter to pick the best person for the job. That is what defines us a Democratic-Republic. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the strategy behind this. I just think it is wrong.

No matter what happens, I don’t think Palin stands a chance. With names like Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, Giuliani, Christ, Petraeus, and Jindal being thrown around as potential candidates, Palin is going to get verbally destroyed in the debates.

Which makes me as a democrat concerned. Obama will have to put up a fight with many of the aforementioned names, except for Palin. But that’s good. He’s really going to have to evaluate his administration and make some changes if he wants to keep the Democratic voter.

My prediction, Palin loses. No amount of saboteurs from the Democratic Party could save her. And I’m OK with that.