6 Reasons Why I Love Antoine Dodson

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Music, Pop Culture
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Who is Antoine Dodson you say? Only the greatest man of 2010. If you have not seen him, I assume you don’t use the internet, television, or read any form of print media.

These are the reasons why I love Antoine Dodson.

1. He is a hero. Antoine saved his sister from a near raping. I assume the perpetrator saw his wild afro and red bandana and sh*t his pants.

2. He is a recording artist. Not by any talent on his part, but he still sold a sh*t ton of singles on iTunes. Well, he didn’t, but The Gregory Brothers did. With their auto-tune skills, they created the top downloaded independent internet music video. It has gone so far as making it into my karaoke DJ’s playlist. And it’s catchy as hell.

3. He is a detective.  If you know me, then you know my love for crime and mystery shows. Antoine has taken it upon himself to find the perpetrator using his finely crafted forensic skills, using only a t-shirt and finger prints. He has even issued a challenge to the perp. You don’t have to turn yourself in, sir, he gonna find you.

4. He has undergone the Nouveau riche effeminate african america man  transformation. What says “I just made a ton of money and am super gay” more than a chemical straightening and a shopping spree at Express Women? Nothing.  

5. He has made a character of himself. He’s ridiculous. He’s over the top. But he’s real. This wasn’t a planned sketch, it was reality. But despite that, he has not run from the fame, or the teasing. He has released t-shirts (that hopefully will not be left at the scene of another rape) and a Halloween costume. And he made a ton of money.

6. He has done something good with his money. All jokes aside, he has put his money to good use. Firstly, he got his family out of the projects. No more rapings for Kelly Dodson! He is also setting up a foundation for juvenile diabetes, something both his mother and sister suffered from and something dear to my heart.

Antoine Dodson took internet fame to the brink, and capitalized. For that, I am a fan. Now one more super-gay picture for your entertainment.

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